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The Ballad of Djaj's Glory

In the heart of Montreal, where the streets do twist,

Lies a hidden gem, where the Omnivore's tryst.

With flavors and secrets, Middle Eastern delight,

A sandwich of fame, in the day and the night.

On Marie-Anne Street, Leonard Cohen once dwelled,

And it's here that the Djaj, our legend, excelled.

From humble beginnings, our roots do unfold,

In front of his house, where our story is told.

Oh Djaj, dear Djaj, you're our habibi true,

With Shish Taouk chicken, so tender to chew.

Your garlic sauce, homemade, brings strength to the feast,

From Mount Royal's slopes, to Saint Laurent's streets.

A Lebanese marvel, a dance on the tongue,

A symphony of flavors, unsung heroes among.

Homemade pickles and turnips, they twist and they twine,

In pita embrace, our dearest Djaj divine.

But wait, there's more, our tale's not complete,

Without praising the others, their flavors to meet.

From Shawarma and Kafta, to fishes and veg,

Our Omnivore's platter, a delightful pledge.

Our Babaghanoush and hummus, they charm and beguile,

And the Homemade Akram Hot Sauce, a fiery mile.

On the grill, we make magic, with tastes oh so rare,

That every bite taken, seems lighter than air.

To the employees, amazing, the heart of our brand,

Their passion and spirit, in each dish they land.

From the original spot, to where we now stand,

Our Omnivore family, together we expand.

So raise up your glasses, and toast to the night,

To the Djaj and its kin, our taste buds' delight.

For in every mouthful, a journey's begun,

The Omnivore's legacy, forever to run.

If you show us this webpage at our West Island location and buy a Djaj, you'll get a free one.
Valid starting Friday Apr XX until Sunday Apr XX 2023

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